Our top Laravel development experts specialize in building creative and professional web and mobile applications. Whether it’s a simple app or a complex CMS for e-commerce websites. Laravel development services are designed to meet your needs at affordable prices.

We have been providing full-stack PHP web development services. This includes planning, designing, building, testing, and maintaining web applications. Also, we offer Laravel web application development services to our clients from the USA, UK, Israel, and Europe.

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Custom Laravel Application Development Services

1. Laravel package development

You can build your own Laravel package. You can also add existing packages or change them. Laravel web application development companies are here to help. Our packages provide access to Laravel features such as routing, migration, testing, and more. We can use the Packalyst catalog or create custom packages according to your requirements.

2. Ongoing Laravel Backend development and support

Check out our case study. It shows our approach to ongoing development and support of complex Laravel web apps. We worked with Insly, an international fintech company. We helped them extend their SaaS product’s customization. Using a microservices architecture and prioritizing an automated testing approach, we ensured smooth integration and maintenance of their system.

3. Challenges of Laravel web application development company solve

Why Choose Our Laravel Web Development

Budget and time commitment

API development in Laravel

We specialize in developing APIs for easy use with front-end JavaScript frameworks, mobile apps, and third-party systems. Our approach starts with a deep study of your app’s use cases. To ensure secure access, we establish routes and implement the Gate function. Also, the app’s response logic is managed to improve efficiency. It does this by following JSON standards. These are API rules for data conversion. They ensure the fastest API speed and responsiveness. Data integrity is prioritized by wrapping write actions in a database transaction.

Laravel application development company approach

Our Laravel developers needed a quick onboarding. They had to learn the existing product, its business logic, its architecture, and its coding standards. This was key to their ability to maintain and customize it. 

The Laravel client also had in-house developers. They needed seamless adaptation and integration to form a single team with a common goal. We used a microservices architecture and implemented refactoring wherever possible. 

The AutoTesting-First approach prioritized selenium, unit, and behavioral testing. It also used continuous integration to make sure that customization would not break any part of the monolith. Maintenance tasks included working with existing code (bug fixes) and ensuring synchronization between critical databases.

Outsource Laravel application development services workflow

The team was dedicated. It had a team leader, seven programmers, and two QA engineers. They worked with the client’s product owner and scrum master. Using tools such as Skype, Microsoft Teams, Jira, and Confluence, we bridged communication gaps, ensuring a unified approach to problem-solving and task execution. 

We spent the first weeks aligning our workflows with the client’s. This laid the groundwork for effective collaboration. Using the Agile development method allowed us to discuss, plan, and install new tasks and features. 

The cycle was fast, with weekly sprints culminating in releases every Friday. Daily stand-ups provided a regular forum to discuss progress, plans, and challenges, ensuring a cohesive and responsive team dynamic. When needed, our developers visited the client’s office. This deepened their understanding of the project’s needs and strengthened the bond between the teams.

Frequently Asked Questions

How many developers do you have with Laravel experience?

We have a team of 15+ Laravel developers. They have extensive experience in PHP and at least 2+ years of experience in Laravel development.

What is the average time to complete new requests?

The average turnaround time for new requests depends on the scope and complexity of the project. However, we strive to give detailed estimates. We usually finish new requests on time, as agreed with the client.

How familiar are your developers with git-flow and GitHub pull requests?

Our developers are highly familiar with git-flow and GitHub pull requests. They use these tools regularly for version control, code collaboration, and managing development workflows.

Do you have experience with DevOps?

Yes, we have experience with DevOps practices and tools. Our team is good at setting up and managing environments. These include development, testing, staging, and production. We also set up CI/CD pipelines. And we ensure that web applications deploy and run well.