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All code is guilty, until proven innocent

That’s our philosophy when it comes to software quality. Our independent software testing services help you score high on end user satisfaction by delivering defect free, quality IT solutions; each time, every time.

If IT lies at the heart of your business strategy, software testing needs to be an integral part of your IT strategy. In your pursuit to deliver world class, sturdy and high performing IT solutions, software QA services need to evolve from just an exercise to catch bugs to a thought through, well planned activity.

Why outsource software testing to sds technologies?

  • When it comes to software testing, we are driven by quality and an obsession to deliver sturdy & defect free products.
  • Our advanced tools, technologies and methodologies ensure a comprehensive test coverage
  • ISTQB certified in-house team of software testing professionals, well versed in manual and automation testing.
  • Unbiased and independent evaluation of code without any influence from development team.
  • Specialized testing services including load , security , performance testing & usability testing for mobile & web applications.

Our aim is to always ship high quality software products.

And our rigorous testing services help us achieve that.
Depending on the requirements of your outsourced software testing project, we can offer different types of testing services to meet your needs.

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